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Montreal, CAN: If the City Wants Food Trucks to Fail, it Should Just Add...

For starters, because it’s a “pilot project” only 27 trucks are licensed for the whole city. That’s about one truck per 75,000 Montrealers. No wonder they’re hard to find.

Toronto, CAN: Toronto’s Food Trucks Driven into the Ditch

The tastes of anything more exotic than hotdogs will continue to be tough to find on the streets.

San Francisco, CA: SF Street Food Festival Lineup Announced

For those who thought the street food scene in San Francisco would start to lose some steam, it continues to move forward as strong as ever.

Cornwall, CAN: Street food goes mainstream in Cornwall

Foodies are likely familiar with the concept of street food: high-end products that may cost a little more than your typical burger wagon, but also bring added flavour and specialties to the table.

Melbourne, AU: Food – Why Aren’t Our Cities Taking it to the Streets?

The reason food stalls are non-existent and food trucks few and far between in Melbourne is down to existing food retailers seeking to stifle competition. The City of Melbourne has approved space for only nine food trucks and, moreover, none of them are in the CBD.

Montreal, CAN: Montreal Lifts Ban on Street Eats

Items like a Nutella (peanut butter) and bacon grilled sandwich, a crepe stuffed with chorizo, goat cheese or spinach, and a crispy pork belly taco served with apple slaw have become available around the city.

Vancouver, CAN: Taking It To The Streets

Armies of street vendors about to invade local summer festivals

Vancouver, CAN: Vancouver Food Vendors Take it to the Streets

Armies of street food vendors expected at local summer festivals

Vancouver, CAN: Vancouver One of the Top Street Food Cities in North America

Hot dog and roasted chestnut stands have been a staple of the Vancouver streets for years, but dozens of full-fledged restaurants have sprung up in this cosmopolitan city in recent years.

Vancouver, CAN: New Vancouver’s Food Carts and Food Cart Pod Coming this Summer

Vancouver’s street food program continues to grow, showcasing some of the best culinary talent in our city,” said Mayor Robertson. “Our street food vendors are gaining international accolades, and this year’s additions are enlivening our streets with even more diverse flavours.