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Wilkes-Barre, PA: Hungry for more Loved – and hated – Scranton Food Truck Testing...

Some food trucks already operate in Wilkes-Barre. As long as food truck owners pay a license fee, they are allowed to work in Wilkes-Barre for the year

New York, NY: Food Truck Owners – ‘The Business Kinda Stinks’

If in violation of onerous regulations, vendors rack up thousands of dollars in fines

Richmond, AU: Tacos at 10 Paces? A Fare Approach to Truck Wars

Like Mark Twain's death, rumours of a turf war among Melbourne's taco trucks have either been greatly exaggerated - or the truck owners are politely downplaying the palaver through gritted teeth.

Arlington, VA: Board Votes to Extend Food Truck Parking Time

Food trucks will now be able to serve customers on local streets for up to two hours. They will not, however, be able to stay longer than the time allocated by the meter zone they’re parked in.

Buffalo, NY: Food Truck Owners Seek Lower Permit Fees

But before that truck can sell anything, there are rules to follow and fees to be paid.

Greenville, SC: Greenville City Council Presents New Food Truck Regulations

Food trucks would not be allowed on City-owned property including parks and plazas unless approved as part of a permitted event

Charlotte, NC: Food Truck Drivers Feel The Pinch of Rising Gas Prices

For food truck owners there's no way around it, as it takes a lot of fuel to run their businesses.

Sunrise City, FL: Sunrise Commission Meeting Outcome – City Manager to Work With Food...

Sunrise's new City Manager, Alan Cohen, volunteered to meet with the truck owners to come up with a compromise that could go on a future Commission meeting agenda for a more formal vote.

Sunrise, FL: Food Truckers Form Alliance To Fight Possible Sunrise Ban

The City of Sunrise will hold a discussion todayto determine the fate of food trucks at their monthly City Commission meeting.