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Los Angeles, CA: Food Trucks: Where the Customer is Always Right

A few of the food truck owners are beginning to realize that taking care of the customer is the most important part of their food truck business.

Columbus, OH: Food-Truck Rules on City’s Plate

Columbus officials are considering new regulations or clarifications to existing rules covering food trucks after problems that have resulted in fines and hurt feelings.

Washington, DC: D.C. Food Truck Owners Steamed Over Proposed Parking Rules

Hundreds of office workers, pedestrians and tourists lined up Friday at food trucks parked

Wash, DC: D.C. Food Truck Association Crosses the Border

Switches name to the Food Truck Association of Metropolitan Washington.

Chicago, IL: City Council Panel OKs Food Truck Plan

Restaurant owners were also upset with the ordinance

Steven Greenhut: Tax Collectors Bite Taco Trucks

The truck owners say the state is handing them tax bills for tens of thousands of dollars

SBA Chief Serves Up Advice & Admiration for Food Trucks

“These food truck owners are important

Hell on Wheels: Why Food Truck Owners Are Increasingly Turning to Brick-and-Mortar Shops

“Hands down, brick-and-mortar is easier,” says David Schillace, the owner of Mexicue

So You Want to Start a Food Truck

We managed to do the entire truck for under $40,000

Food Fight Over Baton Rouge Lunch Trucks [video]

Councilman "Smokie" Bourgeois wants written permission from property owners