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Tampa, FL: After Philly Food Truck Explodes, Inspection Questions at Tampa Rally

Tampa Fire Marshal Milton Jenkins heard about the explosion Wednesday morning and immediately thought of Tampa's rally. He checked on the reports and found that the trucks had not been inspected before the event started, as required. So he went down to the food truck rally himself to check it out. He met an inspector there.

Phoenix, AZ: The Best Food Trucks and Food Porn for Metal Fans

The menu is food porn for metallers at its finest, and changes with daily specials like the Molly Hatchet, a half-pound burger with sausage fennel gravy, maple syrup and bacon.

Mountain View, CA: Which Food Truck Will You Try Tonight?

A friendly reminder that Off the Grid food trucks will pull into the Caltrain parking lot tonight from 5-9 p.m. A whole new batch of trucks will be on hand.

National News: Hotel Chain Creates “Simply Street Food” Menu

Street food has always been popular in certain places such as Asia and Latin America, but now it’s truly becoming a worldwide phenomena.

Boston, MA: Taking It to the Streets

CAS alum’s food truck delivers bold flavors

The Return of The Great Food Truck Race: New Season, Higher Stakes

Winner gets their very own food truck and a huge cash prize of $50,000.

Why Food Trucks Aren’t Going Away

The food these trucks are making has gotten better

Submit a Video for a Chance to be Filmed for an Eat St. Segment

Eat St. is encouraging vendors across the U.S & Canada to submit a short video of their food cart