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Cleveland: Gourmet Food Truck Told to Leave During Parade (VIDEO)

Christopher Hodgson who owns and operates 'Dim and Den Sum', a popular gourmet food truck that travels the streets of Cleveland wasn't expecting the greeting he got shortly after pulling up.

San Fran: About 15 People Campout for Food Truck Permit (video)

About fifteen people in San Francisco camped out all weekend because they want to operate a food truck. The first person in line got there at 4:30 a.m. on Friday. The people waiting in line said it was a long, cold, wet miserable weekend.

Gourmet Food Trucks: More On The Way to South Florida (video)

Fried Oreos, duck sandwiches, chicken strips coated in Captain Crunch cereal – these eclectic eats are served up hot and fresh every day off the counters of a growing number of food trucks roaming the streets of South Florida.

Miamism Fridays – Food Trucks

The Miami Food Truck craze is OUT OF CONTROL! Everywhere you look, there’s an interview, a newspaper article, a video, or someone talking about the experience.

MFN VIDEO EXCLUSIVE!: LA’s Letter Grade System & How It Is Implemented

Live at LA Health Dept in Los Angeles. Demonstrating how the new food truck letter grading system is implemented.

VIDEO: Paris Hilton Buys A Burger From Baby’s Badass Burgers Food Truck

Paris Hilton filmed a segment of her reality show buying a hamburger from Baby's Badass Burgers food truck in Hollywood.

VIDEO – Denmark: The Danish Pølsevogn (hot dog)

Hotdogs and hotdog stands are popular almost everywhere, but I don't think anywhere takes the concept of sausage and bread as seriously as the Danes. A Danish hotdog stand called a pølsevogn can be found on almost any major street or torv in Denmark.

VIDEO: Boulder Proposes Rules to Allow Food Trucks

In the city of Boulder, selling food from a vehicle is illegal. For now, the handful of food trucks that have sprung up around the city in recent months are allowed to sell their food as "caterers" on private property.

VIDEO – Reason.tv: Lobster Trucks Invade D.C.!

When the Washington D.C. City Council loosened the rules governing food trucks back in 2007, it led to a culinary explosion in the nation’s capital.

ROBBERY VIDEO L.A. – Two Food Trucks Robbed in Midtown Area

The LAPD Olympic Area detectives need help in identifying two suspects whose images were caught on surveillance cameras robbing two food vending trucks and two pedestrians in the mid town area of Los Angeles.