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West Monroe, LA: Mobile Food Vending is No Easy Task

That ordinance, which was originally brought up in the spring, was challenged by owners of restaurants, specifically in southern Monroe who were worried about being put out of business.

Washington, DC: D.C.’s Floating Food Truck – Nauti Foods Feeds Potomac Traffic

With hundreds of food trucks roaming the streets -- and what seems like a new restaurant popping up each week -- D.C. pedestrians have no shortage of food options should hunger suddenly strike. Now, those on the water have a place to grab a bite to eat.

San Francisco, CA: We’ve Reached Peak Food Truck – Dogs Can Now Visit a...

Milo's Kitchen, a San Francisco-based pet treat company, is answering dogs' prayers with its "Treat Truck." The mobile food truck, stocked with doggie treats, water dishes, tennis balls, and even a photo booth for #PupSelfies, debuted on Friday night in the Bay Area

Denver, CO: Inspections find Denver Food Trucks Often Break Hand-Washing Rules

Denver's popular food trucks and carts have suffered from a significant problem: unwashed hands.

Boston, MA: Health Code Violations Common, as Operators Learn How to Run Eateries Out...

Food trucks have rapidly multiplied on Boston streets and plazas, with 75 gourmet-style restaurants on wheels now serving up everything from portobello mushroom paninis to Vietnamese rice bowls. With convenient and relatively cheap food, the trucks often have long lines at lunch.

Sacramento, CA: A Snapshot Look into the Hottest Jobs in Sacramento

Blanton, a co-owner of the food truck, said he and the rest of the crew don't mind the high temperatures. "We're all from the Sacramento area, so we're all used to the heat,"

Seoul, KR: Korean Street Food – The Tornado Potato

Tornado Potatoes made their first appearance in Korea between 2005-2007. They are made by either skewering the whole potato and cutting with a specialized spiral slicer, or by first cutting the potato and then skewering it.

Manila, PH: Feasting Safely On Street Food

By Sol Vanzi | Manila Bulletin Street food is conquering the world. The tidbits once abhorred by jetsetters and fashionistas as trash and junk now...

Lancaster, OH: Pizza Cottage to Debut Food Tuck

This is just starting to take off, and I want to be in on the ground floor. We’ll be making and selling hot pizza by the slice at event locations throughout Central Ohio

Palo Alto, CA: Fusion Street Food Finds a Home

Curry Up Now keeps its food-truck flair at Indo-Cal-Mex restaurant