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Delta BC, CAN: Streetside Kitchen Could Provide Aid During a Disaster

"When we sat down and started talking about this we were concerned about people who might be displaced by an emergency,"

Miami, FL: Food Truck Regulation – What’s Going On Behind the Scenes

Inspection reports from different food trucks in Miami-Dade County reveal inspectors often find multiple critical violations
Photo of foodtrucks

NYC, NY: Food Trucks Social Media Make An Impact In Aftermath Of Superstorm Sandy

Most food trucks are small businesses working on thin margins

Springfield, MO: More Food Trucks Means More Inspections for Health Department

Food Trucks can park in more places than ever before in Springfield.

San Fran, CA: From Pie-in-the-Sky to Hottest Truck in Town

Darsky decided to take his pizza to the streets in a food truck

SF, CA: The Founding Myth of a Master Pizzaiolo’s Food Truck

Freightliner M2 106 truck, a 20-foot shipping container and two-and-a-half-ton Neapolitan brick oven