Birmingham, AL: Salvation Army Sends Food & Water to Hattiesburg, Mississipppi [video]

BIRMINGHAM, AL — Supplies from across the Southeast are making their way to the Gulf Coast.

The Birmingham Salvation Army Monday afternoon, deployed its mobile kitchen to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, one of the areas in the path of the tropical storm Isaac.

An area that’s expected to see evacuees from Lake Pontchartrain to Mobile Bay over the next few days.

Birmingham’s mobile unit is 1 of 25 dispatched from the Southeast region.

Salvation Army’s spokesperson, Brian Wallace says they were told Monday they would need to deploy their unit.

“In a given day we can serve thousands of meals, water, and snack. You’re talking about a big help and a big effect for the people who are right in the middle of a crisis situation and they really need something like this,” Wallace said.

The organization is also sending a communication vehicle to the Gulf Coast. One that is equipped with satellite technology in the event power is lost.

Wallace says depending on how powerful the storm gets more volunteers and staff will be deployed where needed.