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Grand Rapids, MI: “What the Truck” Supports Local Youth Programs

"Creative Youth Center... we knew it was something we wanted to get involved with"

Traverse City, MI: Food Trucks Caught Up In Fee Hike

At $100 a day, I mean that’s almost forbidding me from coming downtown,” Joseph explains.

Holland, MI: Beyond Nathan – Food Cart Restrictions a National Issue

Holland officials admitting that the zoning ordinances were enforced to protect the existing “brick-and-mortar” restaurants from competition

Grand Rapids, MI: Food Trucks & Free Enterprise

Food trucks are something that ought to be welcomed

Grand Rapids, MI: City Hears Downtown Food Trucks Debate

"We brick-and-mortar restaurants pay hefty rent..."

Ferndale, MI: Food Trucks Rally for Ferndale Event as City Mulls Vendor Rules

Michigan Mobile Food Vendors Association are working city officials