Chicago, IL: Food Truck Series Part 2 – Ice-Cubed

By Emmy Carragher  |  Choose Chicago

IL-Chicago-Ice_Cube-01In this week’s edition of our Food Truck Series, we’ll deliver (as promised) a mobile tasty treat for your sweet tooth: Ice-Cubed. Not only is Ice-Cubed the only dessert company in America that creates one-of-a-kind visually stunning ice pops, but is also the only gourmet truck in the country that produces and sells both small batch ice cream and hand-crafted ice pops. Enough sweet for you yet?


So what makes these frozen treats so unique, you ask? Think innovation meets ice cream: with flavors from Buttermilk Pancake Ice Cream to Avocado and Pineapple Thai Basil Ice Pops, your taste buds are guaranteed to be excited. In the rare case that you don’t find a flavor that speaks to you amongst their dozens of innovative creations, you can create a custom flavor for any catered event! With the simple guidance of your party colors, theme of the event or favorite dessert, Ice-Cubed will create a flavor exclusive to your event and dedicated to your liking. (Or you could even just get plain vanilla, if your heart or palette so desires).

Referred to as team of “ice cream mixologists,” Ice-Cubed strives to entice you to expand your preconceived notions of frozen desserts and ultimately to delight your taste buds. Frozen treats are not just for kids anymore, so no need to shy away from Ice-Cube’s innovative creations.

 IL-Chicago-Ice_Cube-03While the truck itself may be retired for the winter, you’ll be able to track it once it makes it glorious return in the spring of 2014, and delve into Ice-Cubed’s winter project: The Octagon Mode. The sweet goodness continues all winter long at this BYOB, multi-course, communal dinner party where the spirit of fun and curiosity flourish.

By now, we hope we’ve got your pumped and ready for some chilly treats. But don’t just take out word for it: check out Ice-Cubed as featured on Check, Please! Ready for a treat yet?