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Edmonton, CAN: S’wich Food Truck Hits the Mark with Hand-Crafted Bread, Cured Meats and...

I sampled one of his mortadella sandwich at a recent What the Truck?! event, and could not believe the taste and texture of the mortadella, which was gloriously studded with pistachios. Make sure and indulge in an artisanal ice cream sandwich if you’ve got room for dessert.

Chandler, AZ: Food Truck Waffle Crush Sweetens Streets of Southeast Valley

“These are totally different from what you normally think of when you think of waffles,” Brenay said. “It’s a delicate process, the irons have to be at the perfect temperature — too hot and the sugar will blacken; too cold it will leave it doughy in the middle. It’s taken us a lot of time to perfect.”

Chicago, IL: Food Truck Series Part 2 – Ice-Cubed

Ice-Cubed strives to entice you to expand your preconceived notions of frozen desserts and ultimately to delight your taste buds. F

Mission Viejo, CA: Food Trucks – Crepes, Lobster Bisque and Spinach-Stuffed Burgers

Your guide to the Trabuco Hills High food trucks for Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2013.

St. Louis, MO: Legghorns and Shakes Food Truck – Chicken and Ice Cream

The Legghorns and Shakes food truck stopped by to show Tim all the different varieties of chicken and shakes they have available.

National News: Most Delicious Dessert Trucks in America

Long before kimchi tacos, years before anybody thought to make burgers and banh mi curbside, or wear costumes and serve Indian food, in 1956, brothers Jim and Bill Conway rigged an old truck with an ice cream machine, mixed in green food coloring, and set out in West Philly to sell soft-serve and celebrate Saint Patrick's Day.

New York, NY: Dessert Alert – Uncle Gino’s Italian Ices & Ice Cream

The menu does have some less common flavors, such as sour apple or mango ices, and cheesecake ice cream.

Spokane, WA: Latest Entrees

One of the best things about summer in Spokane is food truck dining. Finding freshly prepared food served by friendly cooks who are usually the owners of their mobile kitchens offers a fast, fun culinary experience.

Vancouver, CAN: 14 Vancouver Food Trucks Worth A Visit — and Revisit (with map)

Street foods can be kryptonite for health geeks. But not here. Salads with a base of quinoa, soba noodles or brown rice. Not rabbit food!

St. Joseph, MO: Food Truck Businesses Expanding

Three food trucks. Three different ideas. Three chances to bring a popular way of selling food to the masses to St. Joseph.