Detroit, MI: Food Truck – The Dago JoeMobile

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 The Dago JoeMobile will be serving up an amazing menu of all natural, bold, delicious gourmet Italian food directly from our truck to your mouth. Find out where we are (calender) and get some incredible food and go enjoy it somewhere or take it back to your office. Make sure you grab lots of napkins, because you’re going to start eating it while you’re walking and that can get messy and sh&$!  Give us a review at yelp, foursquare, or your favorite review site!  Like us on Facebook and stay in touch!  Follow us on twitter @dagojoes for the latest!  Join and become a “Family Member” for insider-only kinda stuff. Get your ass down here!!


Mobile Food

All gourmet.  All Original.  All Natural.  All right!  What are you waiting for!  This is some bad-ass, full flavored homemade italian mobile food from our truck to your mouth via the street, your business, event, or party, wherever we can fit.  Cater your party with the JoeMobile mobile food truck.

Where are we today?  For those of you that want to know, go home.  For our monthly calendar and map, click here.

Dago Joe’s goal is to make the best tasting and healthiest food possible, using only the finest indredients.  Unlike a music album that has one good song and the rest filler, our food promises to deliver all hits!


Look, we’re working really hard to serve you the very best in Old School Gourmet, as you can see by the picture to your left.

Street diners can choose from a number of Italian plates and flavorful, fresh sauces including a fat-free Lush Sauce, which is similar to marinara but much bolder and full of flavor, and the famous Racy Olive Sauce, a spicy, rich, bold low-fat tomato sauce with kalamata and manzanilla olives.

Yes, we have vegetarian dishes!

Find out where in the Detroit area you can find the JoeMobile.  This is street food truly at its best. It’s the only mobile food cart we know of its kind serving up fresh Italian food in the Detroit area.

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