Ft. Lauderdale, FL: Crave Food Truck – St. Augustine’s Newest Healthy Alternative

By  Kaitlin Pulvino   |  Flagler College Gargoyle


Crave Food Truck, opened by couple Andres Guardrola and Renee Spataso, gives locals a fresh alternative to healthy eating. The food truck has been opened since July, and offers organic sandwiches, wraps, salads and fresh fruit smoothies. After two years of planning, the pair finally took the risk and quit their day jobs at the Casa Monica to feel the freedom of being self employed.

Deciding to open a food truck over a restaurant wasn’t a difficult decision for the couple to make. “It’s a quick and easy way to get specific specialty items with the convenience of not having to sit down” said Guardrola. The smaller operation allows them to focus on each and every costumer. “ We know every single one of the patrons and to us, that is very important.”

The couple have no problems working alongside each other. “ We work well together. Renee is more quiet and better with the food and I’m more of the talker, so we mesh well and compliment each other. It brings an environment of love and care to the food and costumers,” said Guardrola.

Guardrola and Spataso are thankful for their daily patrons and appreciate all of the support St. Augustine has given them. “It motivates us each day to keep doing this.”

The couple hopes to expand their business and open more food trucks in other towns, but for right now they are focusing on consistency and the quality of their food.

Crave Food Truck is located at 131 King Street, in St. Augustine Fla.