Paducah, KY: City Commission Discusses Food Trucks

By Star Staff |  West Kentucky Star


PADUCAH, KY – At Tuesday’s Paducah City Commission meeting, Planning Director Steve Ervin made a presentation to commissioners about food trucks.

Currently, mobile food trucks are allowed in Paducah only in the Highway Business District zones which are along a section of Hinkleville Road and a section of Lone Oak Road. Ervin said in the past couple of years he has had a handful of inquiries regarding the possibility of expanding the areas that could be served by the trucks. He said that nationally the growth of mobile food trucks is expected to soar, generating up to $2.7 billion in revenue by 2017.

Ervin said, “Food trucks can be a great tool to energize a space, provide food options where they are limited, encourage entrepreneurship and business growth, and engage residents and visitors in a community.”

Commissioner Richard Abraham said, “I see it as an opportunity for individuals to take initiative to go into business for themselves. There are a lot of different ways to put this together. Our challenge is to put it together in a way that’s fair.”