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Birmingham, AL: Thousands Enjoy Birmingham’s First Street Food Rally

I think it's great. I think any opportunity to be able to enjoy good food with good people is awesome

Hunstville, AL: Badd Newz BBQ – Huntsville Food Truck is Good News for Alabama...

The mac-and-cheese was solid, but the vinegar slaw, which was sweet and chunky, was exceptional and provided perfect counterpoint to the spicy meat.

Birmingham, AL: Street Food Rally Shows City It Can Help Economically

We really just want to show the importance of why the food vendor industry is important, and a significant part of the fabric of the city of Birmingham that makes us unique

Birmingham, AL: Thousands Sample Offerings from Birmingham’s Food Trucks At Inaugural Street Food Rally

Ordinarily, food trucks roll through the city, parking at places convenient for foot traffic. This afternoon, thousands of people returned the favor, seeking out the food trucks assembled in the parking lot of the Martin Biscuit Building.

Birmingham, AL: Food Trucks to Rally Sunday at Pepper Place

Sunday's event will feature a total of 10 food trucks, including Cantina on Wheels, Dreamcakes Bakery, MELT, Slice and Spoonfed Gril

Birmingham, AL: Melt Food Truck Takes To The Streets of Birmingham, Offering Grilled Cheese...

The thing about our menu is it’s back-to-basics, with some modern twists on a comfort food. So while it’s grilled cheese, they are a little more modern, but they are still comforting.

Birmingham, AL: Birmingham Food Trucks Will Circle the Wagons for first Street Food Rally

I think it is going to be something that, between the city and the coalition, we can work out together for the trucks to be successful without affecting the other businesses in the city.

Auburn, AL: Food Trucks Drive Auburn University Campus Craze

It started out just as an idea and there was a demand among the students for several new variety options on campus. We found one of the best ways was food trucks.

Birmingham, AL: Food Trucks on the Menu in Birmingham

Tacos and Vietnamese sandwiches and gourmet popsicles. Depending on where you are in Alabama, you don't necessarily have to go to a restaurant to find these things. They're on the street in food trucks

Birmingham, AL: Food Truck Operators form Greater Birmingham Street Food Coalition to Promote, Protect...

Food truck operators around Birmingham have circled the wagons, and announced today they have formed a coalition to promote the city’s growing street food industry and guard against too much government regulation.