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Huntsville, AL: Peppered Pig – Huntsville Food Truck’s Fare is Colorful, Accessible and Worth...

At the Peppered Pig food truck, a butter toasted French bread bun serves this purpose. Except instead of reeling-in handguns or heroin, the bun keeps the creative ingredients on the Peppered Pig's signature burgers and sandwiches from going sideways.

Birmingham, AL: We Need Your Help To Save The Food Trucks

The city should be focused on protecting the public’s health and safety, not stifling entrepreneurship at the behest of a few restaurants.

Birmingham, AL: Slice Pizza & Brew Wants a Piece of Food Truck Market

We hope to be the pioneer – to be the first to do that (in Birmingham)

Birmingham, AL: How will Delicious “Food Trucks” be Regulated? Sound Off September 18th

Annual permit fee would be $500 with a $100 application fee and $25 for each food service worker.

Burmingham, AL: City Council Considers Food Truck Ordinance

(The trucks) were occupying city 'rights of way'

Troy, AL: Company Aims to Give Troy ‘a Little Flavor’

“It’s a kitchen on wheels,” King said.