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Duke U: Food Trucks Set Up Shop in K-ville

In what is being hailed by some as the greatest addition to K-ville since beer pong, a collaboration between line monitors and Duke Dining has brought food trucks to the parking lot adjacent to Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Arlington: Police Inspections of Food Trucks Continue

“Showed him my permit and he was on his way. I love Arlington,” truck owner Patrick Rathbone tweeted. Today, while the truck was serving customers in Crystal City, another call for police.

Kogi! Kogi! Kogi!

The truck of all trucks, the motherload of trucks, the the one that started this whole food truck craze.

Gourmet Food on Wheels

Today, a new generation of lunch trucks is coming your way. They serve high-end fare such as grass-fed beef hamburgers, escargot and creme brulee.

A Quick Bite: MoGoBBQ, around Silicon Valley

Here in Silicon Valley we have our own version of the Korean barbecue taco truck in the form of the just-over-a-year-old MoGo BBQ.

Los Angeles Food Trucks Ridin’ Kosher-(Styles)

Among the top contenders currently vying for Semitic stomachs are Takosher, a kosher Mexican truck, and Schnitzel Wagon, a spinoff started by former employees of the ever-popular Schnitzly restaurant.

Philadelphia: Tyson Bees is a Mobile Mash-Up Worth Waiting In Line For

Tyson Bees, a truck traveling to various neighborhoods dispensing kimchi-laced tacos to the masses, manned by Tyson Wong Ophaso, whose culinary influences are diverse enough to give Google Maps a challenge.

Springfield, IL: Hurry on over to Big Belly BBQ

By Julianne Glatz | IllinoisTimes.com They’re almost impossible to resist: food trucks, or more properly, “mobile food concessions.” Many serve ethnic or regional...

Food Trucks: A Franchise Concept with a Stop Sign Ahead

I think that franchised food trucks are a marketers dream. They offer consistency in menu and deliverables, the ability to reach your target market where they are and the ROI on social media marketing is extraordinary. Plus initial cost to ownership is lower than that of brick and mortar restaurants.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution & the LAUSD: An Open Letter to Parents

Will Oliver's mobile kitchen challenge Kogi BBQ as the city's favorite food truck?