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National News: From Loncheras to Lobsta Love – Food Trucks, Cultural Identity and Social...

Fish tacos, vegan cupcakes, gourmet pizzas, and barbeque ribs, all served from the confines of cramped, idling, and often garishly painted trucks.

Boston, MA: Cray Cray for Mei Mei – Boston Food Truck to Open Green...

Mei Mei Street Kitchen, a locally sourced Chinese-American food truck, raised $35,000 on Kickstarter to open a brick-and-mortar restaurant in Audubon Circle, near Kenmore Square.

Boston, MA: Wow Barbecue Brings Lamb and Excitement Downtown

The red truck with a yellow awning ("which symbolizes the Chinese flag") launched yesterday, and the owner tells Eater that the plan is to serve "traditional, authentic" Chinese barbecued lamb skewers.

Melbourne, AU: Food – Why Aren’t Our Cities Taking it to the Streets?

The reason food stalls are non-existent and food trucks few and far between in Melbourne is down to existing food retailers seeking to stifle competition. The City of Melbourne has approved space for only nine food trucks and, moreover, none of them are in the CBD.

Boston, MA: Finding Food Truck Stops

Food truck schedules are subject to change, so be sure to double-check before heading out. Twitter is often the best way to do this. The Street Food App (www.streetfoodapp.com/boston) is another useful tool.

Worcester, MA: Foodies Keep on Truckin’ At Fest

The deep-fried Oreo cookie, drizzled with chocolate sauce, was sweet, gooey and very popular. And it was sold hot and fresh out of a food truck.

Boston, MA: A Food Aficionado – Mei Mei Street Kitchen

Mei Mei’s congee ($6.50) is heartier than what my mom makes. It features braised beef and bits of fried cruller, topped lovingly with an awesome slow-poached egg, pickles, ginger and scallion oil over the creamy — not watery — rice porridge.

Boston, MA: This Boston Food Truck Was Named One of the Weirdest in the...

On one hand, Japanese puffer fish can be deadly poisonous. On the other, that's why it takes years to get a licence to sell Fugu. Do you trust the crew of this baby?

Boston, MA: Boston Calling Reveals Plans for Dining Options

Boston Calling will construct two beer gardens within the festival grounds for fans to kick back in, with brews curated by Boston’s Beer Summit. Breweries pouring on-site include Boston’s very own Harpoon Brewery, Woodchuck Hard Cider from Vermont and one of the world’s leading imports from Denmark, Carlsberg.

Boston, MA: Boston Calling Music Fest Boasts Tasty Lineup of Food Vendors

Mark your calendars for Boston Calling, a two-day music festival to take place on City Hall Plaza on May 25 and 26. With a lineup of 18 live performances, the place will be jamming.