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UK: A Grass Roots Revolution Is Happening in British Food

Forget expensive restaurants - some of the best food around is being served straight from the back of trailers, carts and vintage vans.

Charlotte: Food Trucks Are Ready To Roll

Has the food truck phenomenon finally rolled in to Charlotte? You can check it out tonight at 5, in the parking lot on 7th Street across from Seventh Street Station, at the Chow Down Uptown Food Truck Rally.

“It Made Me Furious, But Even So I Didn’t Tell on Her”

Articles about illegal vending (or food trucks, or beer carts, or unlicensed hair braiding, or freelance interior designers) nearly always come packaged with a whiny quote from a bricks-and-mortar store owners!

Kruse Report: Food Trucks 1st to Roll with Innovative Food Trends

The Food-Truck phenomenon pegged at about $5 billion!

Food Trucks Take Over the Streets

“The restaurant will never die. This has become an offshoot option for people to have a different level of satisfaction,” said Derek Hunt, who co-owns Cake & Shake food carts in New York City.

Gandolfo’s Attempts Franchising Magic Trick with Deli Sandwiches & Trucks Built by Miami Trailer

Gandolfo's New York Delicatessen, is part of an ambitious plan by owner Pool's Restaurant Group for large-scale franchising of food trucks built by Miami Trailer.

Columbia, SC: Taco Wars

In March 2010, with all the preparatory work done, Roberts’ permit came before City Council for approval. And that’s when he learned some major downtown interests were lined up against him.

Cargo-Bike Coffee Shop Rolls Out in Denver

DENVER (AP) -- The first two-wheel cafe in Colorado hit the streets of Denver this week, triggering excitement and befuddlement.


Borough Administrator Stanley Sickels told the council that after consulting with Sobel, he recommended that mobile vending be limited to a single spot on Oakland Street, between the station and West Street.

VIDEO – Reason.tv: Lobster Trucks Invade D.C.!

When the Washington D.C. City Council loosened the rules governing food trucks back in 2007, it led to a culinary explosion in the nation’s capital.