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Boulder Creek, CA: Happening Today – Farmers Market

Today is the first farmers market for 2014, from 12:00noon till 4:00pm, yeah!

Toronto, CAN: Food Truck Events to look forward to this Spring

Here’s a few food truck events you can look forward to this Spring season.

Toronto, CAN: New Rules For Toronto Street Vending Leaves Vendors Hopeful Yet Hungry For...

Permits given to trucks will be limited to 125 permits over the next 12 months (there’s currently 27 already claimed) and will be limited to one per person. What will happen to trucks that have two or more trucks?

Boyne, MI: Food Truck Talks to Continue

During the next several weeks, the Boyne City City Commission will continue its discussion of how food service trucks should be regulated in the city.

Los Angeles, CA: L.A. County Food-Truck Safety Program Leaves a Bad Taste in the...

Field inspectors have never visited about 40% of the food trucks and carts in L.A. County. Another problem is that the public can't readily look up information about a mobile eatery's safety record.

Lee Vining, CA: Ohanas395 – A food truck in Lee Vining

If you drove through Lee Vining on Tuesday or Wednesday, you might have noticed a big, orange food truck parked in Lee Vining. A food truck, in Lee Vining, in the winter? That’s right, Ohanas395 has come

San Diego, CA: Linda Vista Planning Group News – December 2013

Oversized vehicle parking, living wages and food truck restrictions were the top three issues on the table at the Nov. 26 meeting of the Linda Vista Planning Group, a city-sanctioned advisory body representing the residents of Linda Vista.

Los Angeles, CA: L.A. Leaders Move to Legalize Street Vending

Legalizing street food would make it safer for consumers, because taco stands would be subject to inspections by the county Health Department. Income from city vending permits or fees could fund tougher police enforcement against illegal sellers.

Louisville, KY: Louisville Food Trucks Begin Getting Letter Grades

Food trucks that operate in Louisville are now included in the Department of Public Health and Wellness’ ABC Food Placard Program.