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Indianapolis: Solicitation Policy Drives Food Trucks Away

Food trucks asked to leave before the rush ended

Columbia, SC to Consider Changing Mobile Eatery Ordinance

Columbia's City Council is set to take up amending an ordinance governing temporary vendors or food trucks in the city limits.

The Evolution of Food Trucks

For decades, mobile food in New York meant food carts.

Concessionaire City: Ferndale Sees Most Street Food Vendor Requests in Recent Memory

"Since I've been here, in four years, this is the most we've seen," City Clerk Cherilynn Tallman said.

NYC: Frites ‘n’ Meats Truck Hitting The Road Next Week

Frites 'n' Meats ready to hit the road again with a rebuilt truck next week.

Street Vendors’ Lawsuit Against Atlanta Could Impact Food Trucks

ATLANTA handing over all public vending to a single company?

Food Helps Fatten San Francisco Rec & Park’s Lean Budget

The expansion of commercial presence in parks has brought in $7 million in new revenue since 2006.

Should Street Food Come To Kirkland, WA?

Seattle has become quite well-known for its delicious street food culture, and one can find street food trucks sporadically on the Eastside.

Jersey City, NJ: Should Municipalities Limit the Number of Portable Food Vendor Licences they...

Jersey City says there are too many portable food vendor licenses and former health inspector Joseph Castagna has been charged with issuing them and the pocketing the money.

Vancouver, BC: Food Vendor Encouraged to Locate at Kye Bay, Not Marina Park in...

Council denied the application by Fred Smith of Con_Fusion Food to operate a mobile vending cart.