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Greenville, SC: Editorial – Give Food Trucks A Place in City

Greenville has spent a lot of time and taken much care in creating a downtown that has become the gathering place of the Upstate and is nationally revered as a successful city center with one of the South’s best restaurant scenes. That success needs to be protected.

Greenville, SC: Hundreds Expected At Food Truck Rally; Guest Chefs Join In

An event hosted by an avant-garde Greenville restaurant in support of food trucks is expected to draw hundreds of people and will feature guests chefs from out of state.

Greenville, SC: Food Truck Scene Finds Unique Vibe with Arts, Craft Beer Fans

Restaurants may have customers, but food trucks have groupies. And no wonder: Gourmet food on the move, from sustainable local sources, and at reasonable prices? Bring it on.

Greenville, SC: Greenville City Council Presents New Food Truck Regulations

Food trucks would not be allowed on City-owned property including parks and plazas unless approved as part of a permitted event

Greenville, SC: Food Trucks Bring Interesting Dining to the Upstate

The flexibility and mobility of food trucks make them the answer

Greenville, SC: New Regulations on the Table for Greenville Food Trucks

Getting a truck up and running now, vendors say, is a process loaded with red tape

Greenville, SC: New Gourmet Food Truck Comes To Greenville [video]

A fine dining restaurant, but we just serve it out of a truck.

Food Truck Trailer Park in Lower Greenville will Open in Early 2012

A “food truck trailer park” planned for Lower Greenville will start construction late this summer.

Greenville, SC: First Look at Sexy Taco

Food Trucks have reached Greenville with the arrival of Sexy Taco, a modest taqueria located in a strip mall at the intersection of Woodruff and Butler roads.