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Los Angeles, CA: Vancouver’s Japadog Food Truck Comes to L.A.

For the uninitiated, these are terrific, hefty hot dogs topped with things like teriyaki sauce, mayonnaise and nori, or all things that make you readily believe in their mission statement ("Making the world happy and alive through hot dogs!").

Binghamton, NY: Sammich Truck Growing in Popularity

The food truck regularly offers a variety of sandwiches from turkey to roast beef to ham, all with its own unique twist. Plus, it has a grill on board for hot dogs and hamburgers.

Houston, TX: Good Dog Settling Down – From Food Truck to Heights Restaurant

Later this month, that dream will become a reality when the Heights couple opens their restaurant location at 903 Studewood, at the former site of Big Mamou.

Los Altos, CA: Food Trucks are Coming to Los Altos

A posse of food trucks is scheduled to turn out for the weekend, ranging from the decadent hot dogs of Quick Dog Catering to the fresh, sliced fruit of Mona’s Fruits.

Dallas, TX: Katy Trail Ice House Sets up Barbecue Trailer on Pecan Lodge Doorstep

Katy Trail Ice House owner Buddy Cramer said that they did not serve barbecue from the trailer. "We sold only hot dogs and brawurst," he said. "The landlord asked us to not sell barbecue in consideration of Pecan Lodge."

Chicago, IL: Chicagoan Writes Book on the All-American Hot Dog

Health food this is not. But the all-American allure of the hot dog endures.

Devon, UK: Barnstaple Food Festival Takes it to the Streets

The festival will feature more than a dozen different mobile food vendors selling everything from classic burgers, hot dogs and hog roasts to Mexican, barbecue, Caribbean and Indian food.

Kansas, MO: The Detroit Coney Food Truck Has Legit French Fries

Topped with yellow mustard, a thin chili - existing somewhere on the spectrum between sauce and tailgaiting chili - and raw white onion, it's a multi-napkin affair. In a city starved for hot dogs, it's a welcome addition.