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Las Vegas, NV: With Mochiko Chicken, Food Truck Owners Trade Wheels for Roots

Mochiko is a small, quick-casual spot near Decatur Boulevard and Sahara Avenue, with counter service.

Chicago, IL: Food Truck of the Week – The Jibarito Stop

This is just getting ridiculous. Not only have there been noticeably fewer trucks at 600 W. Chicago, but this week someone up and stole not one but both signs marking the designated food truck parking spots.

St. Louis, MO: The Bombay Food Truck

The Bombay food junkies truck is awesome and it is as simple as that. What you have here, is a food truck, not filled with young men cooking on the line, but some older Indian women, working love into the food they sell. Everything is home made or at least made from scratch and while the truck is entirely meat free, it can make a carnivore seriously consider becoming a vegetarian.

Los Angeles, CA: Road Food – Taco Maniaco

The truck offers an assortment of Mexican classics

Dallas, TX: 100 Favorite Dishes, No. 70: Cheesesteak at Truck Yard

Truck Yard you'll see a prime rib roast up on the meat slicer, with ribbons of meat cascading from its end. It doesn't get any more serious than slicing meat for a cheesesteak right off the rib roast.

Buffalo, NY: Food Truck Tuesday’s At Larkin Square Return In May!

Food Truck Tuesday is a phenomenon that is in major metropolitan cities such as Phoenix, Austin, and San Diego.

Christchurch, NZ: It Takes Two to Taco

Sauces are made up fresh every morning, and all the meat is free range - Tommy Taco invests more in their ingredients than your average roadside pie cart

New York, NY: Shangri-La Express

The combo comes with either a chicken lollipop (the photo looks like a sweet and sour fried drumstick but I didn’t order it) or a Momo, possibly the best known Tibetan staple, a Tsampa (tibetan grain flour) dumpling .

New York, NY: Street Eats – Trying To Get New Items From Old Traditional...

A combination of mushroom and sauerkraut pierogies were good, with both flavors coming through. The brine of the sauerkraut was deepened somewhat by the ‘shrooms.

Mexico, MEX: How Tacos Explain Mexico’s Labor Market

As Mexico evolves its two disparate halves, its globally connected, educated elite and its marginalized, informal workforce continue to exist side by side in the country’s capital.