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Lancaster, PA: Go Greek With Your Grilling With the Souvlaki Boys

The Souvlaki Boys are doing good business, and they have a lot of experience to back up their culinary skills.

Ontario, CAN: Ontario’s First Vegan Food Truck Hits Hamilton Streets

The couple's focus on sustainability and community is leading to partnerships with various groups. The first is Oliver's Garden, a backyard garden project for charity. The Thomsons will feature a special menu item with the tomatoes grown from Oliver's Garden throughout the summer. Part of the proceeds will go back to the charity.

New York, NY: Street Eats – Lobster Grilled Cheese from Luke’s Lobster

The cheese in the “grilled cheese” was gruyere, but it wasn’t too strong. The tang from the gruyere played off the sweetness and saltiness of the lobster meat pretty well.

Olympia, WA: Olympia Food Truck Connects Assyrian Cuisine, Tradition

The recipes from which they cook have been passed down from generation to generation in the David family. Assyrians are no different from most cultures in that respect -- food is intertwined with history and homeland.

Springfield, MO: Restaurant Profile – Smokin’ Bob’s BBQ

I thought, this is really good; I need to market this. The food trucks are coming on. I thought it’d be a good idea

New York, NY: Palenque Food Truck

Venezuelan arepas have more of a sandwich look to them and are filled with meat, cheese, and vegetables whereas a Colombian arepa is open-faced and topped with the selected ingredients.

New York, NYC: New York à la Cart Gets Intimate with Street Food

With their new title, New York à la Cart, bloggers and street-food aficionados Alexandra Penfold and Siobhan Wallace share the stories of many of the city’s popular food trucks and carts.

Dallas, TX: Food Truck Review – Tutta’s Pizza

Tutta’s has a large menu that includes traditional cheese, pepperoni or Italian sausage pizza, all in 8-inch, personal serving size. I have not yet tried the traditional flavors because I’ve consistently been drawn to their specialty, smoked meat pizzas.

New York, NY: Street Eats – Everything Cheesesteak from Steak & Crepes

One word of caution. The Everything Cheesesteak usually comes with tomato sauce, but we’re not big fans of tomato sauce on cheesesteak, so we asked for no tomato sauce. If we want tomato sauce, we’ll get pizza.

Hunstville, AL: Badd Newz BBQ – Huntsville Food Truck is Good News for Alabama...

The mac-and-cheese was solid, but the vinegar slaw, which was sweet and chunky, was exceptional and provided perfect counterpoint to the spicy meat.