St. Louis, MO: The Bombay Food Truck

By John Bauer  |   Tasty Magazine


The Bombay food junkies truck is awesome and it is as simple as that.  What you have here, is a food truck, not filled with young men cooking on the line, but some older Indian women, working love into the food they sell.  Everything is home made or at least made from scratch and while the truck is entirely meat free, it can make a carnivore seriously consider becoming a vegetarian.

The food is amazing and when I had ordered, the woman asked me if I wanted a little spicy or a lot of spicy.  I said “a lot of spicy”.  Most of the time, the spiciness contributes to the overall flavor, when in moderation.  When my brother-in-law orders his pad Thai at our favorite Thai restaurant, The Thai House, and orders spicy level 50, I don’t see how it could possible improve the flavors, or if his numb tongue can even distinguish flavors at that point.  But, at this truck, the spicy levels are there just to add a hotter context to the food along with additional flavorings.  Spicy food was perfect and the items were had ordered were perfect as well.  Meaning: that I have ordered and or tried at least 2/3rds of their menu and have liked every bit of it.  I highly suggest finding them and ordering some food of your own after looking at these pictures:

MO-StLouis-Bombay-food-truck-03 MO-StLouis-Bombay-food-truck-02

Find them and eat their food for a 4 out of 5 stars experience.