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Eden Prairie, MN: City Moves Forward with Healthy Food Truck

The food truck would allow the city to offer healthier options like frozen yogurt, fruit smoothies, grilled selections and chicken wraps from the Community Center. The city could also work with local farmers to provide some of the produce

Minneapolis, MN: Grilled Cheese Truck, O’Cheeze, Coming to the Twin Cities

The truck will sell gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches that pair with specialty dipping sauces and soups. (Think ketchup aioli with a cheese curd sandwich or traditional tomato soup with a caprese salad grilled cheese.)

Minneapolis, MN: Fall Feast Food Truck Rally

So many food trucks, so little stomach capacity. A feast of 15 Minnesota Food Trucks.

St. Paul, MN: Asian Invasion Food TruckPacks Some Serious Heat

The Asian Invasion tacos reminded us of a time when food trucks were still a mostly West Coast fad, and when Roy Choi's Kogi truck first introduced the world to the idea of bulgogi, a slightly sweetly Korean-dressed, grilled meat tucked into a taco.

Minneapolis, MN: Fall Food Truck Rally

Over at Harriet Brewery, the second annual Food Truck Rally will be going down.

Minneapolis, MN: Food Truck Breakfast – Kabomelette and Paulette Bakery

A downtown office worker — especially in Minneapolis, but also in St. Paul — is spoiled for food truck choices at the lunch hour. Just wander down Marquette or over to Rice Park and see what strikes your fancy.

Minneapolis, MN: Food Truck Rally Returns With A Fall Feast

The first food truck rally organized by the Minnesota Food Truck Association (MNFTA) was such a success, they're now hosting a second rally for fall, and this one promises to be even tastier.

Bloomington, MN: Fighting to Free the Food Trucks in Bloomington, Minn

Food trucks have been expanding choice and spicing up dining options in Bloomington, the fifth largest city in Minnesota and less than a half hour away from the Twin Cities.

St. Paul, MN: B-52 Slider Squad Food Truck Makes A Better Burger

The Bavarian Burger ($6) includes one of those patties, with decent char and a slight bit of pink in the middle, topped with raw onion and sharp German mustard and served on a soft pretzel roll. It's simple and satisfying.

Minneapolis, MN: BaconFest, Food Truck Rally, Tour de Fat, and More

Looking for something to do this weekend? Here are five choice dining events going on around the Twin Cities