Tag: Mobile Catering

Atlanta, GA: Police Raid ‘Food Truck Wednesday’ in Virginia Highland

“Our License and Permits Unit was responding to an anonymous complaint .”

Greensboro, NC: Food Vendor Rules in Downtown Greensboro

Food Trucks, the city won’t let them set up shop, except for special events.

Exotic Traveling Food Trucks

The Dos Equis Mobile Academy hopes to enrich lives

Campbell’s Soup’s New Direction Inspired By Food Trucks

Chuck Vila, V.P. of Consumer Insights, visited "hipster hubs" in Austin, Portland and San Francisco, noshing at food trucks!

Leesburg, FL: Gourmet Food Trucks May Help Downtown

The Downtown Leesburg Business Association wants Gourmet FOOD TRUCKS!

Food Truck Insurance 101

Mobile food vendors are frowned upon by insurance companies

Food Truck Culture: Is There Room for National Chains?

Quick-service restaurants are looking at the food trucks as more than just an agile promotional vehicle!

LA, CA: Do Food Trucks Need More Regulation? [video]

My own personal opinion: Tough luck, restaurants.

Colleges Roll Out Own Food Trucks (video)

Food trucks become more popular among the college set