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Wilmington, NC: Flaming Amy’s to Add a Food Truck

I will be taking over the truck formerly operated by Port City Sliders.

Durham, NC: New Food Law in Durham Requires Stricter Sanitation Measures [video]

Food Trucks Owners at Sunday's Durham Food Truck Rodeo say they welcome the changes.

Greensboro, NC: City Council Stages Its Own Food Truck Fight

No doubt by Christmas there will be some resolution

Greensboro, NC: City May Host Food Truck Pilot Program

The city likely will host a one-month pilot program

Greensboro, NC: Food Vendor Rules in Downtown Greensboro

Food Trucks, the city won’t let them set up shop, except for special events.

Charlotte, NC: Food Trucks Face New Scrutiny

N.C. Comm. for Public Health could pass new rules requiring mobile food vendors to post sanitation grade cards.

Charlotte, NC: Food Trucks Get Hungry For The DNC [video]

Space rental for a food truck would run up to $12,000 dollars just for the week of the convention

Durham, NC: Food Trucks in Danger? [video]

Talk of tightening the rules for food trucks in Durham

Charlotte, NC: How to Tell if a Food Truck Has Been Inspected by Officials

They look for anything they do in a normal restaurant.