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Chicago Mayor Seeks Recipe to Expand Food Trucks

"Fifty other communities around the country have figured out how to deal with food trucks," Emanuel said

Chicago, IL: City Council Panel OKs Food Truck Plan

Restaurant owners were also upset with the ordinance

Sacramento Meeting Will Discuss Restaurants vs. Food Trucks

By Anne Gonzales | Sacramento Bee Sacramento could become the state's next battleground in the national food truck craze if the city can't find common...

Kansas City, MO: Brett Atkinson Makes Mom’s Food Mobile

It’s a 25-foot 1966 Avion. It’s similar to an Airstream but harder to find.

Burmingham, AL: City Council Considers Food Truck Ordinance

(The trucks) were occupying city 'rights of way'

St. Louis, MO: City Introduces “Food Truck Row” Downtown

Food trucks will no longer have to battle for one of the precious few spots downtown

Chicago Food Truck Plan Gains Mobility

A Chicago ordinance allowing food trucks to cook onboard appears ready to move forward

Durham, NC: Food Trucks in Danger? [video]

Talk of tightening the rules for food trucks in Durham