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Scotland, UK: Trucking Good Food Company Paving the Way for New Street Food Scene...

Loving Food isn’t a snack van – it’s a personality and experience on wheels! We want to create a food experience that makes people smile.

London, UK: Unveiling the Mobile Kitchen!

The Brixton People’s Kitchen team has been busy designing and building a kitchen. On a bike. Just because. And we are planning to take it to different places over the Summer. But before we do that, we would like to celebrate (again!) in our usual venue, Myatt’s Fields Park

Shoreditch, UK: The Rib Man’s Street Food is Finger-Lickin’ Good

I cook my ribs in three processes but, in total, they take around eight hours to fall off the bone. The reason they taste so good is they cook in their own juices so you get all of the flavour from inside the bones

London, UK: New Food Truck Alert – SubPoint

Simple submarine sandwiches - served in freshly baked 9 inch soft rolls - are reinvented with an interesting twist on classic fillings.

Newcastle, UK: Street Spice Food Poisoning Victims in Legal Bid

Food poisoning victims are launching legal action after being diagnosed with salmonella at the Street Spice food festival

Glasgow, UK: Glasgow Street Food Cartel

So when I heard that Scoop Events and Smoak were coming together for the first ever Street Food Cartel, a pop up food truck restaurant in Glasgow I was mega excited—then I heard it had sold out almost immediately. Bummer. Luckily for me they added a second night and we were able to get tickets. Tickets cost £5 each and gave you entry and a free drink.

Newcastle, UK: Newcastle Street Spice Food Event – Salmonella Confirmed

Four people taken ill after a Newcastle street food festival were suffering from food poisoning, environmental health chiefs said.

London, UK: Food Truck of the Week – The Ice Kitchen

Another reason we can't wait for the weather to warm up is the launch of The Ice Kitchen

London, UK: Street Food Favourite Yum Bun Opens a (Semi) Permanent Space

The signature bun - made with free range Blythburgh pork, slow roasted, gently fried and then topped with hoi sin sauce, cucumbers and spring onions - will be made under a roof for the first time.

Manchester, UK: Guerilla Eats ‘Street food’ Market Returns – 23/2/13

Guerilla Eats is also working with local breweries to bring a selection of local ale and craft beer to the event as well as a range of 'fueled up' cocktails.