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New York, NY: Mickey Scars” from DiSO’s Italian Sandwich Society

All of the ingredients were very good, but we would be remiss not to single out the glazed balsamic reduction. It costs 50 cents more on a sandwich, but is well worth it.

New York, NY: The Best Street Food in New York City

Street food is an integral part of local cuisine in many cultures. New York City is often described as a melting pot of cultures so it is no surprise that NYC has a very bright, vibrant street food scene.

York City, PA: Food Truck Talk Worries York City Restaurateur

There's a handful of small businesses here that are actually struggling right now. We're all hanging in, but we're struggling,

York, PA: FoodStruck – A Food Truck Party Comes to York

A Foodstruck is a Food Truck Block Party taking over Pershing Ave. in downtown York on October 11th. We’re closing the street and popping up with food trucks, YorShoppes craft/vintage market and live music.

York, PA: Foodstruck, York’s First Food Truck Block Party, Planned for Oct. 11

Food trucks have been all the rage in the food industry during the past few years. The restaurants on wheels — which usually pack plenty of style with funky names and unconventional eats — have become mainstays in big cities.

York, PA: Food Trucks Rally Set for Oct. 11 in York

"We should be trying to do everything possible to draw the creative crowd, and the creative crowd loves food trucks," said Satterlee, a self-described foodie. "We're not going to be Philadelphia or New Orleans, but we could be significant in the smaller cities in Pennsylvania. It's not going to happen without food trucks."

NYC, NY: Food truck Icon Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream Hits Business Sweet Spot...

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream has 9 locations in Brooklyn & Manhattan - 6 trucks & 3 brick & mortar stores

San Fran, CA: From Pie-in-the-Sky to Hottest Truck in Town

Darsky decided to take his pizza to the streets in a food truck

NYC: Food Trucks Rolling Into Battery Park City for Lunch

Food trucks rarely make stops in Battery Park City, but that's about to change

The Middleman Is Thriving on the Internet

Chefs from food trucks, farmers markets matched up with businesses that want food delivered to busy employees.