Las Vegas, NV: Food Trucks Line Up to Support Cancer Care

Food trucks at Nevada Cancer Institute

by Natalie Cullen |

Food trucks at Nevada Cancer Institute

Food trucks from around southern Nevada lined up at the Nevada Cancer Institute to sell food and support cancer patients.

Trucks including Ben’s BBQ and Smokehouse, Grouchy John’s Coffee, SnOw On Shaved Ice, Cheesesteak Truck and Muncheeze offered breakfast, snack and lunch items with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the institute.

“The big hope is just to show everybody that the food trucks are here to help out and we’re here to support worthy causes and at the same time let everybody eat a lot of good food,” said Joe Tinucci, the owner of Ben’s BBQ and Smokehouse.

Tinucci helped organize the fundraiser by calling all the other truck owners to participate in the Food Truck Roundup. A spokesperson for the Nevada Cancer Institute said having the trucks there gave patients and staff something to smile about.

The Nevada Cancer Institute underwent restructuring earlier this year in an effort to cut down on day-to-day expenses. It also changed its fund raising model relying less on big one-time donations.