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Buffalo, NY: Crowding in for a Taste

"Are you sure they're sanitary?" he asked.

Wash, D.C.: Food Trucks Serve Up Beats Along with Eats

Wash, D.C.: Food Trucks Serve Up Beats Along with Eats

A Taste Of Two Cities Sparks A Food Truck Battle Between D.C. & Baltimore

The food truck industry which is, in the words of Chef Ruddell-Tabisola, “creating jobs & providing cities that embrace food trucks, opportunities for economic growth”.

California’s Bogus War on Food Trucks [video]

Reason contributor Kennedy referred to the bill as “an idiotic piece of nonsense.”

Chick-fil-A Food Truck Coming to D.C. Next Month

Ever complained that there isn't a conveniently located Chick-fil-A anywhere within the District

Wash, DC: Jose Andres’ Food Truck Hits the Streets

The truck called... Pepe, specializes in Spanish-influenced sandwiches called flautas

The Food Truck Option

There is a trend, growing in popularity, which counters the healthy or kosher food tribulations of the past. The food truck.

‘Uncurbed’ Brings Food Truck Patrons In Out Of The Cold

"UnCurbed," a traveling restaurant opening this week in Georgetown.