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Portland, ME: Fish and Chips – Made with Maine Brews – Hit the Road

Fishin’ Ships, which opened its window earlier this month, thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, is the city’s only “ocean-to-table” fish and chips food truck. Brown, a Bar Harbor native, and Gorelick, a transplanted Philadelphian, use fish like hake, pollock and redfish, which, unlike cod, have stable populations.

Providence, RI: New Food Truck Alert – Citizen Wing

Citizen Wing opened for business just this month with an array of gourmet chicken wings available for order. The selection includes staples like Southern BBQ, variations on classic flavors like Rosemary Hot (buffalo), and newfangled creations like Habanero Cilantro.

Los Angeles, CA: Game Hungry Fans Help Make First Food Truck Game Possible

To become The Master Chef, a title not many first time players will be able to achieve right off the bat. To finish first, players have to defeat food truck foes in a timed match that ranks them by their ability to pick up corresponding foods, before their gas tank runs out.

Sonoma, CA: Sonoma Caterers Aim to Crowdfund Food Truck Biz

Drums & Crumbs has launched a "crowdfunding" campaign in support of their business expansion.

Boston, MA: Cray Cray for Mei Mei – Boston Food Truck to Open Green...

Mei Mei Street Kitchen, a locally sourced Chinese-American food truck, raised $35,000 on Kickstarter to open a brick-and-mortar restaurant in Audubon Circle, near Kenmore Square.

Houston, TX: Help Back Paleo Food Truck Caveman Chow

The truck, named Caveman Chow will serve dishes such as pancakes and bacon-wrapped meatloaf that follow the Paleo philosophy of a meat and vegetable based diet that skips grains, sugars and dairy.

New York, NY: Top Chef Finalist Looking To Kickstart The Sweet Chili Truck

Another chef is trying the Kickstarter route to opening a food truck, and this one was a Finalist on one of the Top Chef shows.

Pomona, CA: Poly Trolley Takes Food to CPP Streets

The Poly Trolley will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner at various locations on-campus. While the location during lunch hours is still to be determined, the truck will park in front of the CLA building for breakfast and will make its way to the University Village for dinner.

Kansas, MO: The Magical Meatball Tour has Stopped Rolling

The Magical Meatball Tour was a regular at the Truck Stop in the Crossroads, the food-truck gathering at 21st Street and Wyandotte on First Fridays, and did a guest tour at Czar downtown. It was also the only truck in town with a bonafide meatball barker, a gentleman in a bowler hat that made customers feel like they were entering a carnivore's carnival.

Louisville, KY: Local Business is Going Mobile to Serve Farm Fresh Food

I kind of combine it with the idea of a farmers market where someone can come weekly to get access to this stuff with also having a full fledge store concept