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National News: Tips on Choosing a Good Location For Your Mobile Kitchen

Owning your own mobile kitchens business is very exciting, but can be a large hassle as well

Farmington, CT : Food Truck Proposal on Plainville Ave. “Corner From Hell” Rejected

The Town Plan and Zoning Commission rejected a local woman's plan to run a food cart at the corner of Burlington Road.

Ottawa, CA: Urban Pear Resto Promises to Make Ottawa’s Food Truck Landscape Even More...

I have a rough business plan drawn out. I’m self-financing the truck. I think the plan for the city is not so much financial as it is geared to (showing them) my product, what it’s going to look like.

Somerville, MA: Ordinance Passes to Regulate Food Trucks

Current food trucks with an existing license will be grandfathered in. When the license expires, they will be required to apply under the new ordinance

National News: Food Truck Franchises Face Unique Challenges On and Off the Road

Traditional bricks-and-mortar chains have introduced food trucks as a supplemental offering

Salt Lake City, UT: Health Dept. Closes 8 Taco Carts in SLC

Food was prepared at home and not at an approved commissary

Birmingham, AL: How will Delicious “Food Trucks” be Regulated? Sound Off September 18th

Annual permit fee would be $500 with a $100 application fee and $25 for each food service worker.

Auburn, CA: Food Truck Sparking Auburn Mobile-Kitchen Rules Revamp

New law would allow vehicles to remain in one place

Portland, ME: Food Truck Plans Appear to Be on Back Burner

Applications have been available since Aug. 16, but no one has submitted one.

Wichita, KS: More Mobile Food Vendors Crowd Streets of Wichita

Since The Flying Stove’s debut, at least a half dozen other food trucks have rolled out