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National News: How Twitter Accounts are the New Food Truck

Here’s a look at five ideas that could impact the way we live, work and play.

National News: Food Truck Parks – Two Birds, One Stone

Food trucks reflect a long and proud tradition of urban street vending that appeals to to our hunting DNA. Food trucks offer a desperately needed excuse to go outside for a change. Food trucks concentrate the great variety of Twin Cities’ small businesses in a place that sorely lacks them. And outside of a fancy sit down joint, food truck food is just plain better than most other choices.

National News: Green Meals on Wheels

One idea that’s taken off in other countries is that of ‘Food Trucks’ - a solution idea to both the dearth of cooked food for those with no cooking facilities, and lack of access to healthy, local food in one swoop.

National News: Charity Crowdfunding site Crowd It Forward to Help Feed Homeless Veterans

Charity crowdfunding site Crowd It Forward and veteran-owned food truck DC Slices will feed lunch to homeless Washington DC veterans on December 21st. This “Random Act of Crowdfunding” combines support for a veteran-owned small business with assistance for veterans in need.

National News: Food Trucks Incorporate Local Produce Into Offerings

Food trucks seem to be everywhere these days and their popularity has increased exponentially in recent years, dotting the U.S. landscape from Austin, TX, to Boulder, CO, to Cleveland, OH, and everywhere in between.

Granada Hills, CA: Top 5 – Granada Hills Food Truck Festival standouts

During Wednesday and Friday nights, Chatsworth Street in Granada Hills has become host to more than 25 gourmet food trucks that set up shop and sell their culinary creations on the boulevard.

National News: Food Truck Vendors Dig in For A Piece of Street Turf Against...

Burke is suing the city for what he contends are anticompetitive practices designed to protect brick-and-mortar restaurants.

National News: Food Truck Financing, Its All Down Payment

MAG Specialty Vehicles (MSV) affiliate company MAG Capital has food truck financing programs.

National News: Four Triangle Food Trucks Featured in New Book

This is a handy tome for a road trip: The Boka Taco truck in Richmond, Va., serves a Asian-Mexican menu.

National News: Real-Time GPS Positions Help Business

These food trucks are mobile restaurants cooking up anything a person can imagine, and doing so with fresh ingredients at reasonable prices