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Redefining the Hot Dog, a Cart at a Time

Andrew McDonnell, the entrepreneur behind the Good to Go Organics carts that have begun popping up in the city

SBA Loans to the Rescue?

Small Business Administration loans can help quick-serve operators get the financing they need

Food Trucks Seek Salvation in Queens Parking Lot

It’s been a rough summer for New York City’s food trucks.

Boston: Diners “Chasing” Food Trucks in Back Bay, Fenway-Kenmore

Chef David Harnik said the new food truck locations are going great

Maryland’s ‘Mobile Kitchen Solutions’ Aids Oil Spill Relief Efforts in Montana

Mobile Kitchen Solutions announced today their assistance in providing a 28-foot kitchen trailer and other equipment to help feed disaster relief workers in the oil spill clean-up efforts in Billings, Montana.

Food Trucks Shift from Road to Restaurant

A lot of people regardless of income are also eating at food trucks, especially in big cities.

Buffalo, NY: Council Tables Bill on Food Trucks

Restaurant owners argued that the proposed law needs more review and public dialogue.

Atlanta, GA: Food Trucks Likely Here to Stay

"It started with King of Pops carts and the Yumbii truck, and now we’ve got at least 10 trucks fully permitted by the health department.”

Marietta, GA: Food Trucks Could Come to Downtown

One of the nation’s trendiest foodie events could soon be coming to downtown Marietta.

Food Helps Fatten San Francisco Rec & Park’s Lean Budget

The expansion of commercial presence in parks has brought in $7 million in new revenue since 2006.