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The Ultimate Kitchen Remodel

58 Modern Burner Units, 150 MBU tool kits and 10 food sanitation centers shipped to Afghanistan

Miss Shirley’s competes for America’s Favorite Food Truck Award [video]

Miss Shirley’s Café will donate the $10,000 prize to the United Way

A Cooking Contest with a Military Twist

The chefs massaged their Salisbury steak patties, judges walked around with food thermometers clipped to their shirts and supervisors demanded that the wash water be cleaned.

Las Vegas, NV: Food Trucks Line Up to Support Cancer Care

Food trucks from around southern Nevada lined up at the Nevada Cancer Institute to sell food and support cancer patients.

‘HAPPY ENDINGS’ Star Zach Knighton Comes to Support the Santa Monica Food Truck Lot

In tonight's episode of Happy Endings, Zach's character Dave quits his job and starts a steak sandwich food truck.

Raleigh City Council Reviews Food Truck Proposal Tuesday April 19th

The Raleigh City Council will review a proposal on food trucks this Tuesday, April 19th at 6:30 at 222 W. Hargett St.

Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce Announces 2011 Legislative Agenda

The LPCC has working relationships with dozens of policy makers and decision leaders in Lincoln Park and beyond to assist members with their advocacy and community relations needs.

Food Trucks Stage a Voter Outreach Event in Support of Stephen Box

“A BOX Lunch,” this Sunday, February 20, 2011 in order to “Get-out-the-vote” on the usually under-attended municipal elections, and to show national solidarity for a candidate that has the potential to improve the City’s relationship with Gourmet Food Trucks.

Chapel Hill Entertains Food Trucks – Support the Movement!

The Town of Chapel Hill received a citizen’s petition to consider permitting and regulating food trucks. The Council invites input into the questions of whether food trucks should be allowed to operate on private property in town and under what restrictions.

Cripple Creek BBQ Heads to KickStarter for a Swift Kick

By using Kickstarter as our “Venture Capitalists” we gather a community of people that believe in Cripple Creek Barbeque, John and Stacy, and what we believe in.