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Touring the Nation’s Food Trucks & Bringing it Back to Chicago

Food Trucks is part travel guide, part cookbook and part biography of a trend. Starting in the well-established food truck cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco and Oahu, Hawaii and spreading north and east from there.

Coachella 2011: VIP Perks Include Food Trucks

Someone asked me what kind of perks there were to the VIP pass (it's where the media tent is) and, like a Rorschach test, the first thing I said was "restrooms" - seriously, they're air-conditioned, and flush and have sinks and soap.

Food Trucks at Santa Anita 5/14

After drawing nearly 23,000 patrons on a horse race day with 80 gourmet food trucks earlier this month, Santa Anita Park is going to see how well the trucks draw when their are no races at the track.

Boulder: Making Room for Mobile Food Trucks

Mobile food trucks are a trend that has been popping up in Austin, Portland, New York and Denver. They’ve even got them in Colorado Springs. So if they’re not allowed inside Boulder, can we really call ourselves the foodiest town in America?

Cooking Channel: Food Trucks on Eat Street (video) & In Person at BTTR Tonight

Comedian James Cunningham travels throughout the U.S. in search of the most interesting food trucks. While Miami has some innovative mobile cooking, it's great to see what other cities are dishing out on four wheels.

Street Food: How Are Street Foods & Food Trucks Influencing The Quick-Serve Menu in...

How Are Street Foods & Food Trucks Influencing The Quick-Serve Menu in 2011?

Miami: The Flying Saucer Debuts At Street Food Fridays

The Flying Saucer lands at Street Food Friday today in time for lunch. The "saucer" is named for the 25 different sauces available on the truck - all made from scratch!


The “Hatchi Truck Stop” Event Features Premier Food Truck Chefs Preparing Inspired Dishes the Last Thursday of Every Month

Fine Sidewalk Dining with San Diego’s Food Trucks

Food trucks. Gastro trucks. Taco trucks. Mobile street food. Call them what you want, but don't call them roach coaches.

Flatiron Truck Brings “Farm-to-Street” Food to L.A.

You can't exactly serve farm-to-table food when there's no table involved, so the new Flatiron Truck, which joined the masses of L.A. food trucks on March 5th, has dubbed their cuisine "farm-to-street."