Arkansas: Food Vendors Compete for Customers at State Fair

By Kelly Dudzik |

Food vendors at the Arkansas State Fair have a bit of a behind-the-scenes competition going on right now. Their location can make or break profits.

FOX16 took a tour of a popular Little Rock food truck Sunday which is making its debut at the fair this year.

Chunda owens owns “Christians Take Out Two.”

“I have homestyle, I have lemon pepper, honey mustard, hot and barbeque,” she says of her wing flavors.

You can usually find Owens’ food truck in downtown Little Rock, but this week, she’s at the Arkansas State Fair for the first time serving up wings and catfish from Dumas.

“I’ve always been a participant, I come out and I’m standing in all these lines. And it’s just kind of like surreal sitting here and people coming here to my truck wanting to eat some of my food,” says Owens.

Her food gained popularity at the recent Main Street Food Truck Fest, forcing her to buy a new fryer for the fair. The only complaint she has so far is that being a newbie, she didn’t get first dibs on a good spot.

“Kind of in an okay spot. But, I have to pay my dues just like everybody else and work my way up. So, the comments I’ve been getting is by the time they get to me they’re like, oh if I’d have known you were here, you know, then I wouldn’t have eaten over here,” she says.

But can you blame people? They have so many delicious choices.

“We have cheeseburger on a stick. We have deep fried battered bacon. We have pretzels, and we have deep fried pretzels,” says Margaret Lester.

With all of the deep fried competition, Owens has one goal on her mind for the rest of fair week.

“More money, more money, more money, and hopefully a lot of happy people eating my food,” she says.

If you want to save some money, and get into the fair for free, go Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.-1p.m.for “Lunch at the Fair.” You won’t have to pay for parking either.