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Geneseo, NY: Food truck festival offers unique eating experience

From delicious grilled cheese to the fun Coco Bongos drink containers, the event brought faculty and students together

Ithaca, NY: Mexican Food Truck, Dos Amigos, Opens in Collegetown

“It’s a savory steak along with a lime tang to it and the parsley adds a nice twist,” Pustilnik said. “I like the freshness of it and it is definitely a pretty solid choice. I would eat it again.”

New Orleans, LA: Tulane’s New Food Truck

"Rouler allows us to serve students their New Orleans favorites - gumbo, po boys, red beans - almost anywhere on campus," said Tom Beckmann, C.E.C., Sodexo General Manager in a statement. “Tulane students come from all 50 states and can't get enough of the local cuisine. Rouler will be able to offer that to students throughout campus, not just the main dining hall.”

Philadelphia, PA: City Council rethinks Drexel University food truck bill after backlash

City Council has decided to hold off on further action on legislation introduced in June that would have “killed” the mobile food community on Drexel University’s campus.

Fort Collins, CO: Human Bean Coffee Truck opens shop on campus

Structured to look like one of the other six Human Bean coffee shops in Fort Collins, this truck is unique in its ability to transform from a weekday campus coffee shop to a weekend sports event coffee cruiser.

Toronto, CAN: Gorilla Cheese finds a home at McMaster University

As of this September, all those Gorilla Cheese lovers out there will no longer have to go on a food truck hunt to get their hands on their favourite grilled cheese sandwich.

Merriam, KS: Food Truck Showdown, Aristocrat Motors help raise money for Harvesters

The truck, run by Joe and Chris Ireland and their son, Brad, Ireland, started the day serving breakfast at another location, just down the street from Aristocrat Motors, at 9400 W. 65th St., Merriam.

Rockville, MD: Hungry students propose expanding food truck operating hours

In Montgomery County, food-truck vendors are restricted to operating from 9 a.m. to dusk, which in winter can eliminate the entire dinner shift. A 2013 county report on improving nightlife suggested extending the operating hours, but no action was taken.

Philadelphia, PA: 5 Food Trucks You Need To Try

From halal food to cupcake trucks, Philadelphia’s food truck scene is superb. We all have been in a situation where you have a $10 bill in your pocket, but you save it so you can splurge on your favorite food truck on campus.

Boulder, CO: Facing fickle teens, Boulder schools rely on food truck to serve meals

If the school cafeteria is uncool, perhaps professional chefs in a brightly painted, tune-blaring food truck can persuade fickle teenagers to eat today's healthier, antibiotic-free meals.