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Philadelphia, PA: Funky Lil Kitchen Chef Launching Phila. Area Food Truck

Diners should continue to come out and support Funky Lil' Kitchen and when the truck hits the streets, to "come and enjoy the food.

Hyderabad, IN: The Rewards of Cleanliness

M. Vijay Kumar, a food vendor, sees an increase in business after he maintained hygiene — both personal as well as in the cooking process

Chicago, IL: City Issues First License for Onboard Cooking

Ecstatic food truck owner hopes to be up and running next week

Baltimore, MD: Meet Wheyich, Baltimore’s Newest Food Truck

By Richard Gorelick | The Baltimore Sun Meet Wheyich, Baltimore's newest food truck. Specializing in "artisanal cheesy sandwiches," Wheyich rolled off the line in mid-December and...

Chicago, IL: Nothing’s Cooking on Chicago Food Trucks

I think many food truck owners are hesitant to even pursue cooking onboard because of their haunting experience with working with the city

Melbourne, AUS: Jamie Oliver’s Mobile Kitchen Launch

The Mobile Kitchen will travel around Victoria over the coming two and a half years in an effort to spread Jamie's message and teach Victorian's how to get back to basics in the kitchen.

Victoria, AUS: Jamie Oliver Launches “Mobile Food Kitchen” Classroom in Victoria

Cooking icon Jamie Oliver has announced that a “mobile food kitchen” will be making its way around Victoria over the next few weeks, open to the public for free cooking classes.

Lafayette, IN: Need food now? Emergency Munchie Truck Rolls into Town to Answer Call...

The Emergency Munchie Truck opened Nov. 24, and it is giving the local scene a taste of the national food truck craze.

Queensland, AU: Jamie’s Ministry of Food to Run Mobile Kitchen at Nerang and Oxenford,...

Programs like this can help Queenslanders get in the habit of cooking more nutritious food with simple produce instead of buying takeaway.

Staten Island, NYC: RI Man Uses Food Truck For Sandy Relief

The relief efforts continue to come in the wake of Hurricane Sandy