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Springfield, MO: Springfield Government Plaza Gains More Food Choices

Food trucks and kiosks are sprouting near government plaza, an area previously void of much in the way of food options.

Wash, DC: Food Trucks Begin Charging Sales Tax Today

Perviously, food trucks paid a flat fee to the D.C. government rather than charge a sales tax.

Scam: Vaccine Cards Sold as Scrap & Turned Into Paper Plates for Street Food...

There's more on the paper plate that holds that spicy samosa

Wash, DC: Fed Up Federal Workers to Feast on Free Food

“The Facebook for Feds,” is hosting a “Free Food Trucks for Feds”

The Good and Bad With Food Trucks

The good thing about food trucks is that they lead to innovations.

China: Police Find Unappetising Truth About Street Food

Chinese police have arrested 32 people in a nationwide crackdown on "gutter oil"

Ashland City, TN: AC Seeks Answers About Food Trucks

Food trucks have become a staple on the streets of Nashville, and now they are rolling into Ashland City.

The War Against Food Trucks [video]

...latest government attacks on food trucks all across the country.

DC: Police Engaged in Food Truck Training Exercise Yesterday

Metropolitan Police Department held a large-scale training exercise yesterday, which involved several officers visiting various food truck and cart hotspots around the District

North Miami To Vote On Food Truck Fees

North Miami commissioners are attempting to crack down on food trucks, which have been operating without city fees or permits.