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St. Paul, MN: Hot Indian Foods Truck Opens in St. Paul

New food truck serving Indian food with a contemporary twist opens in the Twin Cities

Pittsburgh, PA: Pittsburgh Food Trucks

Food trucks are not a common sight in the Pittsburgh market, due to a variety of restrictive laws that make it hard for them to do business. According to Pittsburgh Mobile Food, which advocates for Pittsburgh's mobile food industry, city requirements that food trucks move every 30 minutes, stay at least 500 feet from any business with a similar product for sale, refrain from parking at metered spaces, and not sell food after midnight, severely limits where and when a food truck can operate.

Seattle, WA: Eat Well – Seattle’s Healthiest Food Trucks

Food truck locations and hours of operation can change, so be sure to check each truck’s Twitter feed before heading out the door.

Buffalo, NY: Meet Paul and Frank and Their Dogs

A lot of trial and error. A couple of the menu items were just what we thought would work and we went for it. We had a couple focus groups before we opened. We tried to get the most brutally honest people we could. We weren’t sure about the Holy Moly at first [guacamole, sriracha, cilantro] but now it’s our second best seller.

Providence, RI: 25 Food Trucks on our List, But They Aren’t All Piping Up

Providence Food Trucks is the easy way to see the full version of the Providence Food Trucks Twitter feed on the sidebar at right. You can also view it at Twitter (it's a Twitter list), as Food Trucks, Road food in Providence.

New York, NY: New York City Food Trucks – A New Way to Bite...

New York City‘s iconic hot dog carts are sharing increasingly crowded curbs with high-end food trucks dishing up Belgian waffles, Korean barbecue, gourmet whoopie pies and new interpretations of American classics.

Marietta, GA: Marietta Food Truck Rally Tonight

The first Marietta Food Truck Rally of 2013 is tonight, Monday, May 6, at Harry’s Farmers Market.

Houston, TX: Fraîche Mobile Kitchen

Fraîche Mobile Kitchen showcases locally sourced ingredients. They purchase their pork and lamb through Black Hill Ranch, get their egg supply from Renaissance Chickens, their produce from the local farmers’ market and all bread is baked fresh daily.

Shoreditch, UK: The Rib Man’s Street Food is Finger-Lickin’ Good

I cook my ribs in three processes but, in total, they take around eight hours to fall off the bone. The reason they taste so good is they cook in their own juices so you get all of the flavour from inside the bones

National News: Southwest Savory Grill fFood Truck A Satisfying Move

I think that's where I got my flair for southwest food. The food there is spicy, but it feels good. It's all fresh and healthy.